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Exposure to industry leaders

The children are exposed to meet and interact on a one on one basis with leaders of industry and policy makers on technological issues.


Children Trainees are given a life time mentorship, innovation and entrepreneurship which continues after the capacity building program for 4 weeks.

Security and care for the children

There are adequate arrangements for children security during the training period.

Free and special transport arrangement

Through out the entire four (4) weeks program, children will be transported to and from training venues.

About KCCA

Kids Code Club Africa is an initiative of Alpha Blue Foundation to build capacity for African children in the technology industry.

KCCA is focused on the digital and technological advancement of Africa by giving technological capacity to young Africans (between the ages of 9 – 15 years) to become manufacturers of the continent’s digital needs in the emerging 5th Industrial Revolution.

Kids Code Club Africa is a three years’ program that begins with a four weeks intense training during summer break. The four weeks’ program is aimed at exciting and sparking up their passion to code.

After the four weeks training, an annual conference is held, The Kids in Tech Conference and awards. The Conference provides an opportunity for kids to showcase the projects they produced during the four weeks. At the conference, they are opportune to interface with experts, stakeholders, policymakers and investors among others in the ICT and digital technology.

Sponsor atleast a child


We are raising African kids to be Tech Savvy. We envision that by 2030, African kids will be able to compete in the technology industry and provide tech solutions for the continent.

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance technology in Africa and contribute to her growth and economy.

Our Mission

To provide a platform that trains African children in ICT and STEM education

Skills Focus

  • Critical thinking
  • Computational thinking
  • Computer practice
  • Collaborating
  • Programming

The 4 Weeks training include:

  • 4 weeks of Instructor lead sessions
  • 3hrs per day
  • Monday to Friday
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Learn fundamentals and advanced concepts of programing
  • Build mini projects



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Our Courses

We are building capacity for free in:



Automation and robotics are changing the nature of human life. Participants will learn how to make machines that can assist humans.

Web development


Participants will learn how to plan, design and create a web application using analytical, problem-solving and programming skills which are needed in building web applications.

Mobile development


Participants will learn how to design and build mobile applications that will address real-life challenges. They will also learn how to publish their mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Game development


Participants will learn how to create and build mobile games, how to prototype any game, learn game playing techniques and critical problem-solving skills for build games that are fun, engaging, educational and optimized.



Participants will learn how to make 3d computer animation and it's applications. They'll also get the opportunity to create 3d art, assets and animation using blender; an open source animation software.



Participants will learn how to design attractive digital interfaces for web, mobile applications, smart gadgets and other digital products through series of studies such as research, wire-frame, design implementation, real-life prototyping, presentations and deployment.


We believe that by 2030, African Kids will compete in the Tech Industry, Africa will experience 2x increase in economic growth and Africans will be able to proffer technological solutions to manual problems.

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Certified Instructors

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Mr Akita

Web & Mobile instructor

I'm a mission driven full stack Software developer with a passion for building responsive websites, web and mobile applications that drives business growth.

Mr Abdullahi Daniel

Computer animation

I am a 3d generalist with a slight focus on characters. I've been practicing in the field for about 3 years after about a year of learning. I studied computer animation at the University of Jos... Read more

Mr Andrew

Web Instructor

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Mr Onoja Michael

Game Instructor

I am a certified Unity game educator who has recreated a replica of dragon crasher, doodle jump, color switch, 3D smooth and Implemented an augmented reality social media guide for teenagers and...Read more